New McCormick X7.624 VT-DRIVE - Video Teaser

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With an increase in engine power to 240hp, it represents the highest performance of the X7.6 VT-Drive Series which is characterised by a general increase in power starting from 180hp. For five models in the X7.6 series this means a transition to the new Stage V emission step, the new standard for off-road engines sold in the European Union. The combination of a high-performance engine and the 4-stage continuously variable VT-Drive transmission with 4 sets of crown wheels with oil-cooled clutches provides excellent reactive capacity, making the work particularly easy. The superior technology of the tractors is matched by the cabin's top-drawer interior and exterior. The main new features of the McCormick X7.624 VT-Drive are the new bonnet design in line with the McCormick X8 family styling and the new roof design, with 12 working lights that have been repositioned to give the operator greater all-round visibility even during night-time operations. To increase working comfort the arrangement of the controls on the armrest has been revised to offer improved ergonomics.
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