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KRONE VariPack V 165 XC Plus and V 190 XC Plus 2019

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World premiere for VariPack Krone unveils a new range of round balers at Agritechnica in Hannover. Especially designed for baling wilted and straw crops at high throughputs and for exemplary densities from a belt chamber, the new machine once again underscores Krone’s unique position as a forage harvester specialist. The new model is available in two variants, the VariPack V 165 XC Plus (0.80m to 1.65m) and the V 190 XC Plus (0.80m to 1.90m).
The chamber is made up of four 275mm wide belts that revolve at 130m/min and ensure high bale densities in hay, straw and haylage. Bale density and soft core are set on the terminal from the convenience of the cab. The terminal offers three core density and size options so that operators can respond quickly and easily to varying materials.
A landmark feature of the specialist machine for wilted and straw crops is the swift ejection of the bale. The rear door opens and closes in less than 5 seconds. For added operator comfort, the high-capacity machine offers an auto door feature which controls the opening and closing of the door and automatically starts the net wrapping.

Smooth-running and high-capacity integral rotor
VariPack uses well-proven components such as the camless EasyFlow pick-up with a 2,150mm work width which easily gathers wide swaths. The helical tines feed the material in a smooth flow into the machine and from the sides to the middle for optimum use of the total cutting width.
The new balers feature a standard-fit high-capacity rotor with 26 integral blades. The spacing of the blades can be set at 42mm or 84mm (two options) for quick adaptation to varying crops. The 530mm diameter rotor is designed for maximum throughputs and feeds even massive swaths smoothly through the cutting system. Thanks to the innovative interaction between the camless pick-up and the integral rotor, the number of moving parts on VariPack has been reduced to an absolute minimum, which results in minimised service and maintenance as well as wear. For ideal performance and minimum servicing, the rotor and the pick-up are driven by a single massive 1¼" chain.

Precision cuts and superior comfort
The tractor operator can select and alter the number of enabled blades hydraulically from the cab (26/13/13/0). Should a blockage occur, the floor of the blade cassette is dropped hydraulically and conveniently from the cab. But the material is not dropped to the ground and lost but fed into the bale chamber. Equally practical and convenient is the blade control system which dependably moves the blades hydraulically into and out of the crop flow. Each blade is of course individually protected from overload and easily removed from behind the cassette.
The wrapping system on the new VariPack also scores high marks for operator comfort and user friendliness. The net wrapping unit is standard specification, the twine tying system is an option. Another standard feature is the chute for the net roll which makes for easy, fast and low-effort refills. Threading the net into the system is as easy as it can get, thanks to a fixed net feeder. The net is then fed automatically into the chamber by a hydraulic swing which eliminates the previous net feed roller, a design change that allows uninitiated drivers to quickly come to terms with the system and use it reliably.

A professional machine – from belt to tyre
The new VariPack also scores high marks in terms of service and maintenance, with all bearings and chains being lubricated automatically during the entire machine life and the drive chains tensioned automatically by a chain tensioner. Apart from that, the body of the baler has sloping panels to reduce the accumulation of dirt and debris. The VariPack runs on 500/55-20 tyres or 500/60 R 22.5 and 600/50 R 22.5 as an option.
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